About Smart TV


A voice for independent media on SMART TV's across Europe, South America, Australia, and New Zealand.

PSTV braodcasting on demand, 30 of the best documentary films from our rota of international film makers, providing viewers with a wide range of informative material. Members also have access to browse our content online through our membership section available to subscribers.

How does SMART TV Work?

Many Television sold today come with a SMART TV option that connects the television to the internet. Once connected then a red button on the controller activates Television's SMART interface which then allows users to have access to all of the SMART Television content.

Paradigm Shift TV app now appears in the content menu as an app, which give the user access to our content, 24/7.  SMART Television is an On-Demand viewing experience that means the viewer can decide what they want to watch, when they want to watch it.

Paradigm Shift's Documentary Channel is still completely free of charge  for all SMART TV users within our Geographical distribution licences.

What are the advantages of SMART TV over other Television Platforms?

For the Viewer

Our audience will no longer have the problem of waiting for PSTV to come around at a certain time of  the week as it will always be just a button's push away. More people will be able to access our content more readily,


All of the content provided is transmitted through our own dedicated server. This means that we are able to update new content and channels, and gain more of an idea of how many people we are reaching with our content and where. The processes involved with operating through SMART Television is considerably cheaper than that of a comparable Satellite Broadcasting Platforms, and so we are able to focus our effort more concisely on providing a service


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