Hijacking Humanity

This is the Official Theatrical Trailer for the new documentary series "The Cause of Effect", and its first Chapter, "Hijacking Humanity".

People are waking up to the truth... from Free Energy to their Human Rights, from Secret Societies to Police Brutality, Politicians, Clergy, Executives, and Military leaders should know their secrets are being revealed to more and more people on a daily basis...

Ron Paul would be proud of The Cause of Effect - Hijacking Humanity, because anyone who spends time to research a conspiracy, instead of looking for hot chicks or watching south park or playing guitar hero will be less a victim of police brutality than someone isn't as aware. South Park and Guitar Hero are cool and all, but theres more to life than hot chicks... Who wants to live in an elitest Police State or a North American Union?

With music from Andromeda http://www.andromedaonline.com , Gordie Bertram, Hexadecibel - http://www.virb.com/hxdb, and Chris Paine - http://myspace.com/chrispaine.

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Hijacking Humanity

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