New Space Age Therapy that may help cancer suffers recover

Prof. Dr. Dr. Enrico Edinger, Specialist in Neurology, Psychotherapy and Energy Medicine, unites conventional medicine with university-quality assured Holistic Medicine using high-quality procedures from the field of Space Travel Medicine under one roof

This institute based in Germany has conducted studies and research that show very positive results in treating people who are suffering from cancer.

Based on a long-term experience and in co-operation with leading scientists, in particular those from the area of Russian space travel medicine, it has been possible for the first time ever to develop a scientific diagnostic and therapeutic system which is able to interpret individual holistic functions including still hidden physical and psychological states and treat them many years in advance. It is based on aspects of holistic medicine as well as personal psychological, physical and mental resources and on the principles of regulation and energy of the human body. Only regulatory medicine, with its bodily principles of biology seems to be able to stimulate and repair the body’s own regulatory mechanisms.

These encouraging results from the International Academy for Regulatory Medicine and Consciousness Research could revolutionise the way in which cancer suffers can be treated offering new hope for a positive solution to the ever growing and concerning epidemic.

For more information the group can be contacted directly here:

Telephone:+49 222891345-0



Watch the videos that detail some of their amazing discoveries.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3




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