Breakthrough in the Chemtrail issue - scientifically proven: Al and Ba in Jet Fuel / new documentary OVERCAST.

The chemtrail issue has been largely ignored by the general populous. However now, through years of study and research, more evidence is coming to light reveals a startling truth. We are being sprayed from above. with toxic metal compounds.

Geo-engineering has become the modern term for these operations. Admitted to, as a "plan to save us", from the perils of global warming, this behaviour is justified as working towards a greater good for the environment. However, upon discovery that these spraying programs are having a disastrous effect wildlife and fauna we know that this simply cannot be the case. If the effects have been notice in the environment, then they will also be effect humans beings too.

The latest update in the research undertaken to expose this travesty comes from the creators of the Documentary OVERCAST. This important interview is an 2 minute excerpt, that shows the results of tests conducted at Zurich  Airport.


If you see this video and think that this information is important, then please help spread the word.

If youwould like to get a full copy of the DVD you can get one from the producers here


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