Paradigm Shift is now Live on Smart TV

Last week we finally launched our first phase of the all new Paradigm Shift Documentary Channel. Currently we can be found on the Woomi App.

Here is a quick screenshot that shows how the PSTV channel is presented.

Inline images 2

This is a picture of the main screen where Television viewers can access the PSTV Documentary Channel, at the touch a their TV remote. On demand means that our content is available at any time. Here is another screen shot that shows how each documentary is displayed.

PSTV on Woomi

As you can see each documentary has a lovely little introduction and we feel presents the film through a professional looking media portal. A present we have launched 13 titles for this first month of releases with more titles on the way.

For more information about PSTV on Woomi then you can visit where viewers can sign up for a free account.

So help spread the word.

If you know someone who has a SMART TV then why not introduce them to some great documentary content on On Demand, by simply pressing the SMART Button going to the 'Woomi App'' and clicking on the PSTV Icon.

More information about our Documentary Channel can be found here

Once again we thank our subscribers who have helped make this happen, and if there is anyone else out there who would be up for getting involved then we are offering subscriptions for just £1 per month for the first 100 subscribers. We are still pushing to keep everything going, and will be providing a members only area shortly so stay tuned for more details coming soon!


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