PSTV Launches a whole New Set of Top Documentaries on SMART


This is a Screen shot from the PSTV Members Area!

We've been working hard here at PSTV to bring some of the most pertinent documentary films of our age to SMART televisions Everywhere!

Tha'st right!

PSTV is broadcasting globally on thousands of SMART TV's from New Zealand to South America and Europe, in fact nearly everywhere with the exception of China. However our Chinese Audience can always sign up online and gain access to our SMART Documentary TV channel via any computer and we have even tested it to work on an i-pad.

Yes! We have been expanding our members area so and smartening it up a bit, and making it a bit cosier, and adding even more content. So now there is even more benefits to becoming a member.

Some of the latest Titles included are the Zeitgeist Trilogy, The Obama Deception, and classics such as In Plane Site and Money as Debt.

As ever we are covering a wide range of subject already from Health, Food, Politics, Money and the New Paradigm Shift.

This batch of latest releases constitutes a new behind the scene re-jigging that have involved quite a lot of preparation, as we have finally migrated to a larger server to help us meet an overwhelming 2500 views in our first 11 days.

Our new server certainly seems to be holding up well and streaming really smoothly. Again we thank our friends at Green Web Host for providing a seriously specked up server for the job with 20 gig of RAM to ensure that we are able to meet future demands.

And that's not All!

We are even now still hard at work preparing a series of New Film Releases for the New Year, hoping to Double our broadcast offering, from 25 to 50 top documentary films, covering an even wider range of subjects.

We feel we are only just beginning, so if you haven't already, then do consider joining as a member, or buying a DVD form our Store.pstv-shop

We only buy our DVD's from the original Film Makers so each time you buy you can rest assured that you are Directly helping to support the artists work.

This means of course that they can go out and make yet another cracking documentary.

Once again we wholeheartedly thank all those who have donated time, energy and money to support our work.

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