PSTV launches Smart TV hosting services

Here at PSTV we have been busy extending the number of documentary films and have now completed the testing of our server for SMART TV broadcasting. Now that we are sure of the stability of our services, we are extending the offer to join us in the television evolution by offering hosting packages for ethical and conscious production and media companies.

We are happy to be able to provide video hosting services now for as little as £20.oo per month for 100 gig of dedicated hard drive space that will enable providers to stream thier own media content directly to thousands of television viewers globally (outside of China).

That works out at only £240.00 per year, which we believe is the best value of money offered by anyone as far as TV broadcasting goes.

So if you own or have contracts with video and film makers or run a news channel, then why not extend your broadcasting capabilities, and join the TV evolution today.

for more information see our hosting page or contact us directly

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