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As an independent media service we understand all too well the problem of corporate censorship, even on social media services such as Facebook.

For example did you know that 98% of the post put out by Natural News on Facebook get censored?

Freedom of information is more than just the right of free speech, it is also about educating and broadening the scope of our awareness so we can make informed decisions.

With a planet caught in a destructive whirlpool of misguided actions that lead us all towards unhappiness, then we must look for and positively engage with the solution. The first step then is to get informed and the second is to take an action in your own life for your own benefit.

When we launched Oasis Health TV last month we wanted to provide a place where people can begin to get informed about both the positive and negative sides of the existing health care paradigm.

This came after we were prevented for showing many of these documentaries and interviews on the televised networks. We know how it feels to be censored and so we also wholeheartedly support a movement towards truly independent Social Media Networks.


Diaspora is an open source platform that provides people with just this. One of the things we really like is that you can go to your profile and download all your data. Yes you own your data.

The second really great thing about Diaspora is that anyone can host a 'pod' if they have some server space, the can communicate with other 'pods'. and that makes it open for everyone to own and be a part of.

You can connect Diaspora to your other social media networks so that as you post on Diaspora so the post can appear on other networks too! So no need to completely abandon the sinking ship.

We found that it was very easy to use too, with a simple design and layout. with no adverts from an corporate sponsors. Of course you can always make a donation if you think its worth it, but that is not necessary as the whole thing is FREE!

So do join us on Diaspora and help to shift the social media trend toward free, unbiased, and uncensored social media


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