PSTV to launch New Documentary Channel


As many of you are aware PSTV has recently sign a new contract for SMART Digital television worldwide.

Our first offering will be a selection of some of the very best in uncensored documentary films, including titles such as, 'what in the wolrd are they sparying?', the Zeitgeist Trilogy, Esoteric agenda, Kymatic, Secret of Oz, and One man, One cow, One planet, to name but a few.

As you can see we are aiming to cover a wide range of subject matter that is rarely discussed on the mainstream media. By bringing this information to the Television audience, who are not readily connecting to internet video services, we hope to broaden the understanding of a wider group of people and help shift the awareness of humanity towards better understanding itself, and beginning to piece together some of the positive solutions that exist, right now, today.

Once again it is only by the help of our subscribers that we are able to offer this service for free to al those SMART TV viewers and so we a truly grateful for your support. If you are interested in supporting our work then subscribe today for only  £1 a month here

Check in on the website as we launch more details about all the great documentary films coming to a SMART TV near you.

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