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Broadcast Yourself on SMART TV

We are now offering Video Hosting and Broadcast packages for SMART TV.


For as little as £25.00 a month gives you 100 gig of hard drive space and your own channel on the Paradigm Shift Smart TV app.

this offer is only available to those who are providing informative and evolutionary media services that challenge the paradigm of our current times.

Packages includes:

  • 100 gig of Video Broadcasting space

  • Unlimited bandwidth usage per month

  • high specification Server offering 20 gig of ram to ensure a smooth streaming

  • FTP access to upload your content

  • XML Broadcast file that you can update and control which videos you want to stream.

  • Pay per view, and channel subscription capabilities to capitalize on your content.

  • Global SMART Television Broadcasting, (outside of China)

  • The ability to host video on your own membership site

Smart TV video streams need to be in mp4 720p format for the best results.

Subscribers are individually responsible for all video and artwork content.



Video Web Hosting only £10 per month

We also offer 'YouTube' Style self hosted video websites, so you can control your content directly through you very own web portal. These packages come in at only £5 per month for a basic WordPress site with video capabilities, similar to our members area.



Find out More!

If you are interested in our hosting package then contact us using the form below and we will provide  you with full details.

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