How to Watch

phunktParadigm Shift TV is available to watch many Smart TV and connected devices worldwide via Phunkt, the Men’s Lifestyle Magazine App.

Phunkt can be accessed on the following devices: Samsung, Toshiba or Panasonic, TechniSat ISIO, Vantage, and several other set-top boxes. Just check out the app store on your smart device and look out for the Phunkt app. click here for more info.


Press the Smart Hub on your Samsung handset and go to Samsung Apps. Find the Phunkt app in the Lifestyle section and download to your TV for free.

panasonicPHUNKT on Panasonic's VIERA

To get Phunkt on Panasonic's VIERA Connect, first of all ensure you have downloaded the Phunkt app from the app 'Market' and install.


toshebaPHUNKT on Toshiba

Visit Toshiba Video Places and you will find the Phunkt app which you will need to download and install for free.



Phunkt is available on TechniSat ISIO TV or Digital Satellite Receivers. First of all ensure you have refreshed your list of channels available in the settings section of the menu. Once you have done this, you will find a channel called Phunkt in the new list. Open this - not forgetting to bookmark it.


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